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Movie Recommendations that Teach us Important Life Lessons

Movies have a wonderful ability to take us to fascinating places, elicit a wide spectrum of emotions, and, more often than not, teach us significant life lessons. Movies are a form of storytelling, and with the correct message, they can serve as a beacon of hope and self-discovery. They can teach you valuable life lessons. […]

Perfect Time Management with the Eisenhower Matrix

Do you find yourself continuously juggling an excessive to-do list, unable to find time for what truly matters? Do you wish you had a clear plan for prioritizing your tasks and increasing your productivity? If so, you are not alone. Today, we’ll be talking about the Eisenhower Matrix – a time management tool that can […]

5 Ways to spruce up your planner’s Monthly Calendars

If you love Planning and organization, you’ve reached the right spot. Whether you’re a planner enthusiast, a list-maker, or just someone looking to add a dash of excitement to your daily routines, we’ve got a variety of inspiring ideas and techniques to make your planner truly pop. There are often times when our calendars can […]

Affirmations: How to Use Affirmations Effectively

Do you ever wake up to a gloomy morning, and dread the day ahead? Your inner critic whispering doubts about your abilities, and negativity creeps in like an unwelcome guest. What if we told you there’s a powerful tool at your disposal every day to get you through these turbulent thoughts? We’re sure you’ve heard […]

Mastering Time: Unlocking Productivity Through Time Blocking

Do you feel overwhelmed and sick of your never-ending to-do lists? Do you find it difficult to allot time for things that truly matter to you and focus on them? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the Time-blocking technique. As we all know, Elon Musk has often […]

Rekindling Your Spark: Conquering Burnout and Rediscovering Your Passion

Are you feeling drained, weary, or simply exhausted? Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions, lacking drive, and losing sight of what makes you happy? If this is the case, you are not alone. Burnout has become a stealthy pandemic in a world that continually demands our attention and energy, sneakily choking […]

8 Reasons Why Writing Things Down is Important

There are often times when we feel extremely overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next. Human brains go through a hundred different things every minute and this can leave us feeling stressed. We end up focusing on tasks that aren’t important and are left feeling unfulfilled. However, there’s one simple way to sort things […]

Practicing self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care and its importance

Did you know that 24th June – 24th July is celebrated as the self-care month, according to WHO (World Health Organization.)? You might have been hearing a lot about self-care and its importance lately.  Self-care involves taking care of your well-being and ensuring that you set some time aside to recharge yourself.  Always remember that […]

6-month reflection using your planner: How to improve your performance

With the arrival of June, we’re officially halfway through the year 2023.  We have been working hard, hustling, and progressing towards our goals.  However, it is time for us to take a moment and reflect on these 6 months.  Why, you ask? Well, when we are focused on our work we can often lose track […]

Practicing Gratitude

When was the last time you expressed appreciation for something? What exactly was it? Why were you thankful? How did you show your appreciation? Were you more content? Did you have a more positive outlook on the future? Gratitude practice entails observing and appreciating the good things in one’s life. Experts have discovered evidence that […]

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