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About Us

TimeBox is a brand that focuses not only on productivity but also positivity. TimeBox came into existence 4 years ago, when our founder, Riddhi Gala realized that the world needed a boost of encouragement to be productive and happy. Her motto is to make a lasting impression with her product while helping people achieve their maximum potential, and build a positive outlook in their lives. 

We live in the age of hustle, where people prioritize work to an extent that it creates stress and an unhealthy work-life balance. In the process, it leads to the neglect of your physical and mental well-being. We believe that when you manage your time well and prioritize yourself, you flourish in all areas of your life – personally or professionally. With the correct tools, you can not only stay productive but also make time for all the other areas of your life. It ensures that you live a healthy, happy, and harmonious life.

Our Planners and Journal are designed for this very purpose. They are crafted and designed by our founder herself. Each page and each layout has been carefully created for your benefit. We want you to achieve your potential and benefit from our products. 

Our products are funky, offbeat and your one-stop solution to every problem. Everything you need to keep you organized and positive in your daily lives, you will find them at TimeBox. We want to be a part of your transformational journey and grow with you. Your success is our biggest success. 

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