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Reclaim Productivity in 5 Easy Steps after a Vacation

The last few months were full of festivities,holidays and tons of weddings, with everyone out on vacations. Vacations are the breath of fresh air we need every once in a while. It breathes new life into us. Time spent with our loved ones, away from work, deadlines, and hefty amounts of work. However, just like every beautiful thing comes to an end, so do our vacations. 

Coming back to work from a much-needed vacation can feel overwhelming and daunting. You want your transition from vacation mode to work mode to be as smooth as possible. So, how do you reclaim productivity after a break? We’ll help you. 

Step 1: Add a Buffer Day:

If you’ve been on a trip across the country, do not jump back into work the same day as you return. Give yourself a day to unpack, get enough rest and sleep, and reset your mind to work mode. Prepare yourself for your work the next day and you’ll find it easier to slip into your regular routine. 

Step 2: Create a TO-DO List:

Once you’re back from vacation, take some time to go through your emails, messages, and previous to-do lists to update yourself. Make sure you understand everything that has happened while you were away and build a working plan around it. Check what needs to be done and create a list of them. 

Step 3: Avoid Meetings: 

If your company thrives on meetings, make sure you do not jump right back into them. Avoid scheduling back to back meetings. This will give you a sense of control and feel less chaotic. It allows you the time to understand what’s going on and keeps you on track. 

Step 4: Pace Yourself: 

Once you enter the office, everyone expects you to be on board and get things done right away. However, you have to remind yourself you cannot get everything done at once. One way to make it easier is to practice TimeBlocking. TimeBlock your day according to your task lists and respond to people accordingly. Make a note to avoid checking your emails more than three times a day. Assure yourself that it’s okay to have a slow start. 

Step 5: Clear off Tasks that only take a Few Minutes:

While creating a list, first off, try to clear off the tasks that would only take a few minutes. Striking off smaller tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment making the transition easier for you. You will be off to a good start and be able to focus better on the bigger tasks at hand. Make sure to clear them off one by one and do not multitask. Multitasking will make things more overwhelming and stressful for you. 

Keep these steps in mind and you’ll reclaim your productivity in no time. The transition is not always easy, but you can make it seem effortless. Here are a few bonus tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your phone away, scrolling through your photos and videos will only keep you from getting back into work mode
  • Do not overwork yourself or work off the clock. Leave your work at the office and allow yourself to take it slow. 
  • Fall in love with your work again. Work does not have to mean being tired and having a filled-up to-do list. 

Remember, to plunge into  work with the correct mindset and enjoy your work. You can be off to a great start with the correct attitude and the right plan. We hope these tips helped, let us know if you found this helpful and if you’ll be using this guide to reclaim your productivity. Happy working!!

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