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As a stationery lover, I've tried a lot of planners. TimeBox planner really stood out for me because of its functionality. It literally has everything I needed to plan my life. Also, the stickers and illustrations make it so much more fun. I'd highly recommend the TimeBox planner to everyone who want to get their lives organised and find time for themselves.

Shalmilee Mulye Audit assistant, S. D. Medadkar & co

I'm a finance professional and careful planning is a big part of my job and personality. I never found a comprehensive planner encompassing all of my daily activities, but TimeBox planner is absolutely perfect for my requirements. I could track my tasks, appointments and take a look at my progress. Along with work, it also helped me take care of my health and leisure in my busy schedule. Its the perfect planner for literally anybody.

Gaurav Waskar VP, MSCI Inc.

Any parent would know that being a mother is no less than a full-time job. Managing my job along with my kid and daily chores left me with no time for myself. Starting my self-care journey with the TimeBox planner has been such a great experience, I've finally found the time I always needed to love myself. It helped me to explore and question myself what actually I want to do with my time, prioritise my goals, how and when to achieve them. It gives immense pleasure to one when you check that item off list. I already feel so happy on accomplishing my goals sooner than I planned.

Ashuchhaya Mehare Ex Sr. Risk Analyst, Credit Suisse

Filmmaking is an extremely demanding career. The odd times, lack of sleep and unhealthy lifestyle choices definitely took a toll on my health. I began using the TimeBox planner a year ago, and the habit and health tracking sections have helped me make conscious choices for my health. Highly recommend the Game Changer!

Sagar Pasad FilmMaker | Advertising Photographer

Handling a construction company needs meticulous planning and coordination. I never believed in the concept of planners until I got the TimeBox planner as gift. It definitely did change my mind and life for the better. The planning makes my work much smoother and less stressful, and guess what, I can finally take care of myself. Thank you team TimeBox for such an amazing product.

Rushabh Visharia Director, Sadguru Realty

I'm a sales associate and my schedule is extremely hectic. Striking the work-life balance became difficult for me with long working hours leaving me with barely any time to take care of my health. TimeBox planner has been a life-saver, I can track my habits, water and even exercise schedules. Would highly recommend.

Shailini Shetty Sales Associate, Merck Life Science

Be it setting goals & tracking them or fun, TimeBox is my favourite go to planner. It's been truly a game changer for me as I've not only become more organized & disciplined but also started visualising my goals. What's more? I use it for tracking my mood, hobbies, listing my to be watched binge & books, budget and lettering.

Jinkal Gala MF Research Analyst, Dalal & Broacha



How to set monthly goals

Goal setting isn’t easy and we know it. Achieving those goals? Even harder. However, that doesn’t mean goals can’t be achieved. If you know how to set your goals correctly

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