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Pack of 9 Funky, Whimsical and Colorful Bookmarks


– Includes 9 pieces of Funky and Whimsy Themed bookmarks

– The pack contains a set of 3 vibrant Animal bookmarks perfect for kids and adults alike, a set of 3 Bookworm themed bookmarks and a set of 3 Women themed bookmarks.

– They are a perfect birthday return gift,a practical gifting choice for people you admire and loves reading a lot. 

– Can be gifted to anyone from kids to animal lovers to bookworms. 

– They will serve not just as bookmarks but can also be encouraging gifts. 

– Both sides printed bookmarks. Completely eco-friendly.

– Profile cut bookmarks 

– Perfect for planners and books.

– SIZE: 7 x 2 inches (Size may vary depending on the shape of the bookmarks)


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